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Met toestemming provincie Henegouwen:

"Cher Monsieur,

Ik ben niet een goed nederlandstalig ! Mais il me sembe avoir compris que vous souhaitez recevoir le blason et le logo de la Province de Hainaut. Je vous le fais donc parvenir en annexe.

Bien à vous.

Benoît Leclercq Attaché au Service des Relations Publiques de la Province de Hainaut. Tél : 071/531.412 - Fax : 071/531.404 Visitez notre site :"


Hainaut logo

From, uploaded there by en:user:GerardM


Public domain
Flemish municipal coat of arms

This image depicts a coat of arms of a Flemish municipality or province. These coats of arms have been registered with the Flemish Heraldic Council (Vlaamse Heraldische Raad) [1].

The coat of arms belongs to the public domain of a city of municipality. Using it for advertising purposes, for example as a brand, is strictly forbidden.

Article 184 of the Belgian criminal law states that abuse of or forging a coat of arms can be punished with imprisonment between three months to three years. Attempting to create a coat of arms of misuse of it, is punished with imprisonment between one month and one year.

Using the coat of arms by private persons, private institutions or associations is only allowed if the council of the municipality or city has officially given permission for this. See e.g. [2].

In view of Flemish legislation this image is seen as being in the public domain, as are reproductions of this coat of arms.

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actual1 de xaneiro de 2006 ás 11:51Miniatura da versión ás 11:51 do 1 de xaneiro de 2006822 × 1.209 (125 kB)FriedaHainaut logo From, uploaded there by en:user:GerardM

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